Technological superiority

R&D personnel are the source of innovation. Under the leadership of the strong R&D team of Jiadewei Mould, the research projects are fruitful and the key backbone enterprises of plastic mould are key enterprises.

Technical team


Professional R&D and Manufacturing

Gardway provides complete design and customer support in all product development cycles. If you have a new idea, we will explore innovative solutions based on your ideas, from concept sketches to comprehensive engineering and marketing solutions.

Turnover box

Turnover box


Mold flow analysis

The way plastic is injected into the mould is very important in determining the quality. The injection process can be clearly analyzed by the ability to predict pressure, temperature and stress. The effects of die temperature, melt temperature and filling time on product quality, as well as the pressure and time of packaging were considered. Moldflow can be used to evaluate the optimum technological conditions, the size of forming window, material selection, pressure during injection, gate location and wall thickness.

Plastic chair mould

Pipe fitting mould

3D mould design

3D mould design

3D mould design


Plastic chair mould

Moldflow is a tool for comparing the validity of various valve designs, including gate position, size of forming window at gate position, filling mode, and gate size according to shear rate.

Design of gating system

Once the hot runner system is added to the model, the size of hot droplets needs to be adjusted to ensure that the filling mode is acceptable.

In-depth discussion on die design


Strong mould manufacturing team and strict and effective control policy

Our technical team draw lessons from many years of experience, from a variety of fields, to develop a successful mold products. We analyze the part design of all new projects, apply the experience of design for production, maximize the ability of die, minimize secondary operation, reduce assembly time and simplify positioning. At every stage, we try our best to make the material, manpower, machine efficiency, cost-effectiveness and production perfect combination.

Always emphasize customer involvement early in the project


We are proud to work with many partners on difficult projects. We introduce innovative solutions to ensure successful and timely product launches. It is always emphasized that customers should fully participate in the early stages of the project so as to save time and cost and avoid possible problems.

Design Material Control


As part of our design and manufacturing services, we can recommend suitable plastics and additives according to your product requirements. We are very experienced in a variety of polymers, both common and unique materials. If you need guidance on material selection, please contact us.
As a customer, you can make your request to your heart's content. We provide personalized design services to ensure that you achieve your goals. We use years of industry experience to ensure that your design will eventually become the product you want, and that it will be produced efficiently by Gardway. Main CAD systems: single graphics / NX8.0/10

Three coordinates

Physical inspection


Physical inspection

Through online MES and OA system, JDW company monitors the quality of die process and pre-test spot inspection. Supported by abundant and effective measuring equipment resources and human resources, JDW company controls every dimension and problem point of the die, and ensures the delivery rate of the die is 100%. In the whole process of die manufacturing, quality inspection is an indispensable important procedure. Whether in the process of dimension, hardness test or in the assembly process of the mold in place, the closure of the test point will affect the quality of the whole set of molds.